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Up to 8 colors
Short/Variety Phrases (4-8 words)
Simple Logos
Characters/Animals (Not all characters are available)
Intricate Patters/Airbrushing


Please view our Cookie Gallery page to see our work and gain inspiration!

Speciality/Custom Designs

  • Order cancellations/date changes must take place a week prior to initial date. Orders can begin up to seven days prior to the date needed. If order has begun, there will be either a partial refund issued based on what has been done or no refund if order is complete. We cannot make last minute changes to orders.

  • We primarily deliver on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) between 9am – 12pm. Weekday delivery hours vary. While customers select times, those are merely slots for us to not overbook and we will finalize delivery/pick-up prior to the date your order is needed.

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