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Elyse was inspired to decorate cookies as she personally placed numerous orders with a local baker over the course of two years and thought the cookies were not only decorated beautifully, but were delicious. She learned several recipes and upon finding the one she liked, she began to bake cookies on her own. At the time, she had no experience decorating  and never thought that she would be able to execute the intricate decorations she had seen. For over a year, she baked cookies and kept decorations simple. During Christmas 2018, Elyse took her cookie decorations to a new level as she was no longer afraid to see if she could be successful. In May 2019, Elyse made the decision to bring delicious and beautifully decorated cookies to homes and events. She began practicing, but did not advertise her new business venture. A friend of hers texted to ask about the baker she previously used. Elyse was thrilled because she felt it was confirmation for her to pursue her business further. She informed her friend that she was launching a cookie decorating business and would love to take her on as a customer. Her friend accepted and her three dozen order was a hit! Elyse is eager to expand her cookie decorating business and put smiles on all consumers and their guests/families' faces.

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