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Thank You for your interest in ordering from our bakery!


Our personalized cookies are entirely created from scratch, and just the decorating might take up to six hours for one order! We take our time to make sure every cookie is carefully crafted and fulfills customer requests. We enjoy incorporating our own unique touches onto every order and using inspiration photos. We also adore it when our clients give us creative freedom with the design(s).

In order to ensure that you have a great client experience, we want to ensure you are aware of our ordering process and policies before placing an order. Please take the time to read
all of the information below and reach out with any questions before placing an order to ensure that your order does not get canceled.

Ordering Guidelines

We have a one (1) dozen cookies order minimum.

Orders need to be placed at least two (2) weeks in advance.

Date needed, Theme, Colors, Short Sayings, Age(s), Name(s), and order size (amount of dozen) needs to be established prior to ordering.


All orders must be paid in full to secure booking. Please be prepared to secure your order the day of booking. No cash accepted day of delivery/pick-up. No personal checks accepted

Enjoy digital previews of your order!!

At no additional cost to our clients we provide digital previews of what your cookies will look like prior to starting the cooking making process. It allows both of us to know exactly what you're getting so there's no question.


Important Information

Allergens Statement:  Our products are made in a home kitchen following the Wisconsin Cottage Bakery Laws. Our cookie ingredients include sugar, butter, eggs, almond extract, vanilla extract, flour, & meringue powder. We currently do not offer gluten free, dairy free, vegan, nut-free, or sugar free options. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions as that is the client’s responsibility to notify anyone consuming our products.

Replica Statement: While we love inspiration photos, we reserve the right to add our artistic touch and cannot guarantee exact replicas of others’ work.

Color Matching Statement: We do not guarantee exact color matches but will do our absolute best to match the desired color. Fun fact: The more gel food coloring added to the icing can alter the taste. We welcome color swatches to be sent via email or text.

Product Pick Up/Delivery

Inclement Weather: In the event there is inclement weather, we may have to alter pick up or delivery. We want everyone safe and if roads are unsafe, we reserve the right to change delivery time/day.

Product Handoff: Once you are in possession of your order, you are responsible for the condition of its contents. If we break or crack a cookie in transit, we will hold responsibility and arrange compensation. All orders are packaged individually.

Delivery Times: We offer delivery and our rates range from $2.00 - $8.00 depending on the distance from our home bakery. We primarily deliver on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) between 9am – 12pm. Weekday delivery hours vary.


Order cancellations/date changes must take place a week prior to initial date. Orders can begin up to seven days prior to the date needed. If order has begun, there will be either a partial refund issued based on what has been done or no refund if order is complete. We cannot make last minute changes to orders.

Cookies By Elyse, LLC reserves the right to deny any orders that are deemed offensive and/or showing any indication of hate/discrimination.

Sewell Food Photography-079.jpg

Payment serves as your acknowledgement and agreement of the above listed terms.

  • What Ingredients Are Used?
    Our cookies are made with the following ingredients: Sugar, Unbleached Flour, Pure Vanilla Extract OR Vanilla Bean Paste, Pure Almond Extract, Eggs, Baking Powder, & Salted Butter Icing: Powdered Sugar, Meringue Powder, Almond Extract, Corn Syrup, Gel Food Coloring (Icing comes out White)
  • Do You Deliver?
    Yes, deliveries are available for an additional $6.00 - $10.00. Pick-up may be arranged or meet at a mutual location. Please see the policies page for more information.
  • How Much Are Your Cookies?
    Custom decorative cookies take two to six hours (or more at times) and that's just the decorating part. We ensure each order is done with care. Our cookies are sold by the dozen, with a one-dozen minimum. Our cookies begin at $40.00/dozen and we will strive to keep our custom cookie pricing competitive with pricing up to $55 per dozen. ***Pricing Subject to Change***
  • Do You Ship Cookies Out of Your City/State?
    Yes!! We will ship your cookie orders to your City/State within the United States. Cookies by Elyse is located in Racine County. All cookies are securely bagged and bubble-wrapped for safe arrival to your destination. Shipping cost will be factored into your order total. We will strive to ship for $12 - $20 through UPS or FedEx.
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